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The Freightliner 122 SD

The Freightliner Lineup

The 122SD is tough. Test after test demonstrates it. The components, systems and entire truck have been subjected to an array of product validation tests to ensure the 122SD delivers the expected function, performance and reliability. The result is a durable and safe cab that meets stringent A-pillar impact, rollover and back wall impact tests. Plus, the vocational chassis includes a robust backbone with a complete offering of single and double channel frame rails. This provides a tensile strength of up to 120,000 psi and an RBM ratio up to 5 million inch-pounds per rail. So it can handle the abuse of a typical job site. No problem.

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122 SD Bulk Haul

Bulk Haul

Built to maximize payloads and efficiencies without sacrificing durability or safety, Freightliner® bulk-haulers deliver versatility—in bulk. A variety of optional, lightweight components—like aluminum frame rails, axle carriers and air tanks—deliver significant weight savings and real fuel economy.

With a full selection of safety options, including stability control, rollover restraint packages, seat- and steering-wheel-mounted airbags, as well as object-detection and collision-avoidance systems, even hauling heavy and hazardous materials is made safer and easier. Flexible Power Take-Off (PTO) placement increases options. That’s what we call running smart.

122 SD Crane


Designed for power, safety, efficiency and functionality, Freightliner® severe-duty crane trucks are ready for the heavy lifting. High-tensile-strength frames support and handle 45-ton mobile cranes with booms and outriggers, while safely lifting heavy loads across a wide range of efficient, high-torque engines, severe-duty vocational suspensions and tandem- or tridem-drive axles.

With even weight distribution, a variety of PTO options, and excellent visibility and control, Freightliner severe-duty crane trucks are optimized for crane applications and designed to outperform the competition. When evaluating crane trucks for purchase, consider Freightliner—the industry-wide leader in commercial truck technology and engineering.

122 SD Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

Designed for mixing, hauling and navigation of the toughest job sites with ease, Freightliner® severe-duty concrete-mixer trucks feature industry-specific innovations and customizable options for any concrete mixer application, easily keeping pace with the most challenging jobs.

Concrete professionals appreciate the durability, efficiency and weight-optimized design of Freightliner® concrete trucks, and in particular, their variety of choices. Freightliner offers a wide range of vocational rear suspensions and frame options, up to five million RBM, with set-forward or set-back front axles and the flexibility to meet bridge formulas and maximize payloads.

122 SD Dump Truck

Dump Truck

With set-forward or set-back front axles, a full range of severe-duty vocational suspensions and the industry’s widest selection of efficient engines, Freightliner® dump trucks are designed to enhance your trucking company’s bottom line.

Why not pull larger payloads, haul more aggregate and maneuver more easily through tighter job sites? With a Freightliner® severe-duty dump truck, it’s simple. Just spec the truck with your choice of options, from suspension to transmission, for the task at hand. Start moving mass with Freightliner because extreme loads are no problem in a dump truck as tough as you are.

122 SD Roll Off

Roll Off

Featuring clear frame-rails at back-of-cab for easy upfit, with under-cab mounted batteries and fuel tanks, and one of the lowest chassis heights available for roll-off bodies, Freightliner® severe-duty roll-off trucks are a hardworking, dependable choice.

With best-in-class visibility and up to 50-degrees of wheel-cut, the toughest job sites and tightest urban collection routes are easily navigable. Offering up to 600 horsepower, a wide range of vocational rear suspensions and multiple PTO options, Freightliner® trucks are an all-day solution for working smarter.

122 SD Heavy Haul

Heavy Haul

Built to muscle through the roughest places on earth, durable Freightliner® severe-duty, heavy-haul trucks are the ultimate workhorses. Whether hauling loads cross-country or stocking construction sites, Freightliner® trucks simply outperform other heavy-duty trucks on the market.

With power, maneuverability, visibility and flat-out, bottom-line efficiency, Freightliner severe-duty, heavy-haul trucks pack in the extreme strength and efficiency necessary to get the job done. Heavy-haulers choose Freightliner not only for reliability, but also for a decades-long tradition of quality and innovation.

122 SD Logging


Built for extreme work environments and tough enough to endure the elements and then some, durable Freightliner® severe-duty logging trucks have the power and endurance to get it done. Whether hauling clear-cut logs, using a chipper trailer for thinning operations or recycling slash, Freightliner severe-duty logging trucks take command of the road, from site to sawmill. Hauling loads or moving equipment, with Freightliner® logging trucks, industry-leading strength, durability and flat-out, bottom-line efficiency are all baked-in from day one.

122 SD Oil & Gas Field

Oil & Gas Field

Tough on the outside, comfortable on the inside and always up for a hard day’s work, Freightliner® severe-duty oil and gas field-service trucks are delivered ready to haul heavy loads through challenging environments. From oil fields to highways and back again with ease, keeping drivers cool, calm and comfortable, Freightliners make dirty and difficult jobs easier.

122 SD Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue

When the alarm sounds, fire and emergency trucks must be ready to respond. In this line of work, performance and efficiency make all the difference, which is why Freightliner® fire and emergency trucks are engineered to prioritize both.

Choose from front- and rear-engine power take-offs with day-, extended- and crew-cab configurations that feature a variety of seating options, including SCBA provisions and three-point seatbelts. Customers rely on Freightliner for medium-duty emergency truck and firetruck needs because we provide durable products they can count on, and the flexibility they need from a new truck.

122 SD Utility


Reliable and economical, Freightliner® medium-duty utility trucks have all the options and safety features to support your linemen and your bottom line. With unsurpassed visibility, outstanding maneuverability and a wide selection of custom options and innovative safety features, Freightliner® utility trucks are known for their exceptional performance, safety and reliability. A proprietary Freightliner® SmartPlex™ electrical system allows for plenty of customization. Discover utility-truck options at your local Freightliner® dealer.

122 SD Towing & Recovery

Towing & Recovery

Like all Freightliner® medium-duty trucks, towing and recovery models are designed for impressive power, exceptional maneuverability and excellent visibility. Ready to respond to any situation, towing and recovery trucks are built to pull their own weight and much more. From wrecker to severe recovery efforts, Freightliner® towing and recovery trucks offer industry-leading driver and passenger comfort and safety.

122 SD Construction


Freightliner® severe-duty construction trucks are designed with a focus on toughness and efficiency, so the most difficult jobs are accomplished with safety and economy by a low-maintenance, dependable truck that enhances bottom lines for businesses. Workplace safety is improved by ergonomic handles, larger door openings, lower entry heights and extended steps for easier entry and exit. Easily accessible components, including transmissions and see-through fluid reservoirs for fast daily checks, ensure that service events are quick and easy.

Construction-industry professionals know the value of a sturdy, adaptable, low-maintenance construction truck that can take on any task. Freightliner is dedicated to designing and building a superior construction truck that meets customers’ needs. Learn more about custom Freightliner® construction-truck options and discover how tough-as-nails trucks can raise the bar when it comes to severe-duty construction performance.


  • 8
  • Horsepower
  • 350 - 600 HP
  • Torque
  • Up to 2050 lb-ft
  • GVW
  • 92,000 lbs.
  • GCW
  • 210,000 lbs.
  • Cab Configurations
  • Day Cab
  • Mid Roof
    • 34"
    • 48"
    • 58"
    • 58" XT
    • 70"
    • 70" XT
  • Raised Roof
    • 58"
    • 70"
  • Engines
  • Detroit™ DD13
  • Detroit™ DD15
  • Detroit™ DD16
  • Cummins X15
  • Axles
  • Detroit
  • Meritor
  • Suspensions
  • AirLiner®
  • TufTrac®
  • Haulmaax® RT/RTE/RS/RN
  • Primaax®
  • Chalmers
  • Neway
  • Transmissions
  • Manual
    • Eaton Fuller® 8ALL
    • Eaton Fuller® 9ALL
    • Eaton Fuller® Advantage 9 Speed
    • Eaton Fuller® Advantage 10 Speed
    • Eaton Fuller® Advantage 13 Speed
    • Eaton Fuller® Advantage 15 Speed
    • Eaton Fuller® Advantage 18 Speed
  • Automated Manual
    • Eaton UltraShift® 8 Speed
    • Eaton UltraShift® 9 Speed
    • Eaton UltraShift® 13 Speed
    • Eaton UltraShift® 18 Speed
  • Automatic
    • Allison® 4000 HS/EVS/RDS
    • Allison® 4500 HS/EVS/RDS
    • Allison® 4700 RDS/OFS
  • Available Engines

    Detroit DD13

    Detroit DD13

    For Less-Than-Load, regional distribution and vocational use, the versatile Detroit DD13 engine offers multiple horsepower and torque ratings with technological advancements for enhanced fuel economy and combustion efficiency.

    Detroit DD15

    Detroit DD15

    Continually refining and improving the Detroit DD15 to achieve a new level of performance and efficiency, our engineers are focused on maintaining its segment leading fuel efficiency, reliability and performance. This includes our proprietary asymmetric turbocharger with reduced weight and complexity—to deliver superior performance over other turbo designs. The new Detroit DD15 engine delivers more innovation while powering a new era in driving.

    Detroit DD16

    Detroit DD16

    The Detroit DD16 truck engine is the largest, most powerful engine Detroit has ever produced. With 600 horsepower and a wide, flat torque curve delivering up to 2050 pounds per foot and pulling strong, even below 1000RPM, the DD16 tackles the toughest jobs

    Cummins X15

    Cummins X15

    Legendary Cummins reliability is available in new X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series configurations. The X15 Efficiency Series produces up to 500 HP with advanced fuel- saving technology that includes dynamic electronic controls with ADEPT features, enhanced engine breathing and an optimized combustion process that leverages Cummins’ proprietary VGT™ Turbo and XPI fuel system. The X15 Performance Series generates up to 565 HP by upgrading virtually every critical component for enhanced air handling, faster throttle response and even stronger braking power at lower RPM.