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Covid-19 Update

Valued Customers,

We continue to take necessary actions safeguarding your health and the health of our employees at TransChicago Truck Group. We constantly engage operational plans within our teams to make sure we have sufficient resources to keep our dealerships running safely, and we continue to adhere to requirements and monitor each situation reported to us in order to ensure all employees and customers are as safe as possible.

We have asked all employees to social distance and practice safety protocols including limiting group gatherings in the workplace as well as during free time, and we’re limiting employee activity at all dealership locations through personnel restrictions and wherever working at home is possible. We have asked that everyone keep doing their part to fight spread within our company. This will continue to be our top priority.

Our Human Resources department has guided our team regarding appropriate measures and has kept up on all safety protocol and PPE recommendations. While our business is not directly impacted by the City of Chicago COVID mandates, we are voluntarily taking additional measures to increase our safety protocols beyond masks and vast amounts of hand sanitizer! Along with our current cleaning and sanitizing practices, we have increased our facility fogging sanitization at all dealerships on a regular basis. The majority of this is completed during off hours when our dealerships are closed, to allow adequate time to settle and disinfect.

We work at every level to ensure our operations are being maintained effectively and safely to meet our standards, to minimize disruption and to deliver on what we promise.

Please be assured that while we cannot control this pandemic, we are keeping our facilities as safe as possible to protect you while you are trusting us with your business.

Wishing you safety and health!